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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog Series on the Benczkowski Memo

By | Eric Feldman, Media, Press, Vin DiCianni

In conjunction with the 5-part podcast series that Tom Fox hosted in January with Eric Feldman and Vin DiCianni on the DOJ announcements over the past year, Feldman joined Fox for a blog post to consider what strategies companies can use based upon these guidelines. The podcast series will explore how the Benczkowski Memo (the “Memo”) and other DOJ guidance into compliance programs can be used by compliance professionals to create more robust compliance programs. Feldman believes the Memo can be used as both a sword and shield in furtherance of more effective compliance programs.

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In this second blog post, DiCianni emphasizes that the DOJ now mandates companies which come before them have an effective compliance program. Companies must demonstrate they had an effective compliance program, not a paper compliance program.

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Eric Feldman Elected to the 2019-2020 ACFE Board of Regents

By | Eric Feldman, Media

The ACFE is proud to announce that Eric R. Feldman, CFE, CIG, CCEP-I, and Bethmara Kessler, CFE, CISA, have been elected to the 2019-2020 ACFE Board of Regents. Fellow CFEs elected them from candidates selected by the Board’s nomination committee. Feldman and Kessler will take office at the Board’s meeting in February at ACFE headquarters in Austin, Texas.


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Affiliated Monitors, Inc. Loses One of Its Original Founders

By | AMI News, Media

November 26, 2018

Vin DiCianni, Founder and President of Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (“AMI”), shared the following:

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of one of AMI’s original founders, Richard Vincent. Dick was a giant in chiropractic medicine. His background as one of the leading chiropractors in the country, an original member of the first Chiropractic Board in Massachusetts, and in his role with the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (“FCLB”) is legendary.

I knew Dick through the Chiropractic Board and was fortunate to call on him as an expert witness in chiropractic cases.  Before AMI was launched, Dick was a source of wisdom and advice for me, weighing in on the potential for monitoring not only chiropractors, but other professionals as well.

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Eric Feldman selected among 6 candidates for ACFE Board of Regents’ ballot

By | Eric Feldman, Media

Six candidates have been selected to compete for two positions on the 2019-2020 Board of Regents: Bethmara Kessler, CFE, CISA; Ryan Duquette, CFE, CFCE; Robert E. Holtfreter, Ph.D., CFE, CICA, CBA; Maheswari Kanniah, CFE, FCIS; Ian A. Younger, CMgr; Eric R. Feldman, CFE, CIG, CCEP-I.

The board sets standards to promote professionalism and to ensure the reputation of the CFE credential. Beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 31, members will be able to vote online at ACFE.com

ACFE members can vote below:

Vote here
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FCPA Compliance Podcast: Eric Feldman Reflects on Coverge18

By | Eric Feldman, Media | No Comments

In this podcast episode, Eric Feldman and Tom Fox discuss some reflections, observations and highlights from the Converge18 conference with recently concluded in Denver. Some of the highlights include:

–The conference focused on the action piece of what compliance professionals need to accomplish.

–A key theme which literally began on the first keynote on the first day, from Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Convercent was organizational justice. Feldman believes that this is not enough discussed at compliance conferences as it serves as a foundation for credibility of senior leadership in an organization and helps drive a strong ethical culture throughout a company.

–Another interesting concept discussed by Feldman and myself was brand reputation and brand protection, another key theme at the conference.

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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Podcast Assessing Ethics & Compliance in Mergers & Acquisitions — Full 5-Part Series

By | Donald Stern, Eric Feldman, Media, Rod Grandon

Day 1: In part 1 of this 5-part series on mergers and acquisitions, Eric Feldman and Tom Fox discuss the why’s, what’s and how’s of an independent assessment of a target. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

Day 2: Don Stern discuss the impact that M&A has on both the acquired entity and the acquirer. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

Day 3: In this 5-part series, Tom Fox, Eric Feldman, and Don Stern, and Rod Grandon explore how to go about assessing ethics and compliance in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) context. In this third episode Fox visits with Feldman about planning out a post-acquisition merger strategy. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

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An FCPA Podcast Conversation with Eric Feldman: Innovation in Compliance Around Mergers & Acquisitions

By | Eric Feldman, Media

Rules aren’t always enough. Your employees need to be committed to compliance, and your company culture has everything to do with it.

Recently, Eric Feldman was invited to join Tom Fox on his podcast Innovation in Compliance, to share Feldman’s expertise on mergers and acquisitions, especially on how to mitigate risk when merging with or acquiring companies with FCPA violations.

Here are some of the key topics they discussed:

After 32 years in government oversight and federal auditing, Eric decided to join Affiliated Monitors in 2011. Affiliated Monitors is an independent integrity monitoring service that helps companies reduce their risk of ethical failures by conducting comprehensive assessments of company ethics and integrity programs and measuring their impact on compliance, culture, and activities.
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Eric Feldman Interviewed for SCCE Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine

By | Eric Feldman, Media

Eric Feldman, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Corporate Ethics & Compliance Programs, was interviewed for the October 2018 issue of Compliance & Ethics Professional–A Publication of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. The interviewer was Gerry Zack, Incoming CEO of SCCE & HCCA, based in Minneapolis, MN. The interview covered a multitude of topics, like lessons learned during Feldman’s time in the federal government and thoughts on his transition into independent monitoring. Read the full interview below to hear Feldman’s thoughts on the most common issues found during a risk assessment as well as insights on the changing field of compliance and ethics programs.

To download the interview, please click here: “Meet Eric Feldman.” An interview by Gerry Zack For Compliance & Ethics Professional: Copyright 2018 Compliance & Ethics Professional, a publication of the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), pp 18-25.

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Vin DiCianni & Eric Feldman discuss Corporate Culture on FCPA Compliance & Ethics Podcast: 5-Part Series

By | Eric Feldman, Media, Vin DiCianni

Day 1: Eric Feldman and Tom Fox introduce this 5-part series on the basics of corporate culture: What is a corporate ethics culture, and why does it matter? Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report

Day 2: Vin DiCianni and Tom Fox continue their 5-part series on corporate culture, in which they consider the factors that influence the ethical culture of a company, noting that communication is not simply an important leadership skill, but also a key component for an ethical culture. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report

Day 3: Eric Feldman and Tom Fox continue this 5-part series on corporate culture. Their conversation centers around the role of a CCO in strengthening and driving the ethical culture of an organization.

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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog featuring Eric Feldman: How does a company assess its culture?

By | Eric Feldman, Media

In conjunction with the 5-part podcast series that Tom Fox is hosting with Eric Feldman and Vin DiCianni on corporate culture, Feldman joined Fox for a blog post to discuss how a company can assess its culture. “Ongoing monitoring and oversight is critical to being able to manage what is a very normal ebb and flow of the culture in an organization. Cultures are dependent on people and people come and go in companies and that can influence the culture. The market and financial stress can influence the culture and what happens within a company,” states Feldman. These are all things a company should track and monitor.

Read the rest of this blog post on the FCPA Compliance Report

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