Affiliated Monitors, Inc. was founded in 2004 by professionals from the legal, financial, insurance, healthcare, and criminal justice fields to provide independent monitoring services in diverse industries.  Affiliated Monitors has served as the independent monitor in federal, state and private enforcement actions, tracking compliance with government regulations and industry practices in a variety of fields such as public utilities, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, transportation, retail and commerce.

Affiliated Monitors has handled over 800 matters as the independent monitor throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Our work includes serving as the independent monitor in cases ranging from ethics and compliance evaluations of multinational businesses and manufacturers, to monitoring of individual licensed professionals for compliance with consent agreements.

What distinguishes our professionals from others is that monitoring is our only business; it is not a sideline to some other professional practice or service.

In different assignments, Affiliated Monitors has had a variety of titles, including Independent Compliance Officer, Independent Monitor, Compliance Auditor, Special Auditor, Special Ombudsmen, Integrity Monitor, and Ethics and Compliance Expert. Regardless of the titles, our role has been consistent: to objectively assess the compliance activities of a regulated business, report our findings and recommendations to a government agency, and bring value to our clients.