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Eric Feldman featured on the SCCE Compliance Perspectives Podcast — the Benczkowski Memo & Corporate Monitors

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via Adam Turteltaub at SCCE

In October 2018 Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski of the US Department of Justice issued a memo entitled “Selection of Monitors in Criminal Division Matters.”  Some took the memo to herald the end of corporate monitorships.

Not so, says Eric Feldman of Affiliated Monitors.  In this podcast he explains that, instead, the memo was designed to improve both the selection of monitors and the process for determining whether having a monitor is appropriate.

Over the years it had become the default to have a monitor when a Deferred Prosecution Agreement was put in place.  Now a cost/benefit analysis will be conducted before going down this often long road.  The DOJ will be examining factors such as who was involved in the wrongdoing and what progress the company has made on its own to strengthen its compliance efforts.

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5-Part FCPA Podcast Series feat. Don Stern: Independent Monitoring & Proactive Assessments for Defense Attorneys

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In this five-part podcast series sponsored by AMI, Tom Fox is joined by Don Stern. Together they consider how defense counsel can work proactively with independent monitors to help clients who may have sustained an ethical or compliance violation or are under government scrutiny for allegations of illegal misconduct in a wide variety of industries, disciplines and corporate settings.

Listen to the full series below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Day 1:

In this first episode, they introduce the concept of defense counsel working with independent monitors.

Day 2:

This week, in the second episode, Don Stern and Tom Fox take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of defense counsel working with a third-party independent. They explore basic questions around the attorney/client privilege, review the steps an independent third-party monitor should take, and the always difficult decision on self-disclosure.

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Eric Feldman will be speaking at ECI’s IMPACT 2019 Conference in Dallas, TX — April 30–May 2

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Eric Feldman will be on a panel of experts for a session titled:


Jeremy Wilson, Conduct Risk Leader Ethics Advocacy and Anti-bribery and Corruption Governance Leader, Wells Fargo & Company

Eric Feldman, Senior VP and Managing Director, Affiliated Monitors
Patrick Gnazzo, Principal, Better Business Practices, LLC
Robert Meunier, Independent Debarment & Suspension Consultant

An important characteristic of a High Quality Program (“HQP’) is sharing responsibility for risk identification and mitigation across the organization. Ethics & Compliance is a key component of this effort.  What should that look like?  Hear from a panel of experts with a unique perspective – independent monitors who have worked with organizations to review/refine their risk assessment processes in the wake of compliance failures.

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Vin DiCianni, Deann Conroy, and Denise Moran are attending the 2019 FSMB Annual Meeting — April 25–27 in Fort Worth, TX

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The FSMB Annual Meeting is the premiere educational and networking event for the nation’s medical regulatory community. The three-day event brings together health care leaders to discuss current challenges and innovative ideas that will help shape the future of medical regulation.

This three-day intensive program brings together national experts in the field of medical licensure and discipline to discuss current and future challenges facing medical regulators.

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Thoughts on Attending My First Women in Compliance Conference — by María Astigarraga

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Thoughts on Attending My First Women in Compliance Conference

Last month I attended my first Women in Compliance Conference and Awards in London. It was such a great experience that I wanted to share who I met with, what I learned and why I recommend connecting with other global compliance leaders.

Around 80 people attended the Conference, coming from many countries like Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the USA, Finland, Belgium, China, Brazil, India, Russia and the UK, among others. Most women were working as compliance officers in big multinationals such as Boeing, Cargotec, General Electric, Pepsico, AB inBev, Tenneco, Whirlpool, Volkswagen or Bloomberg. But there were also some women working for SMEs and service providers like The Red Flag Group, Skadden, Mishcon de Reya or Affiliated Monitors.

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5-Part FCPA Podcast Series: Federal Contractor Responsibility for Ethics & Compliance

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In this special five-part podcast series, sponsored by Affiliated Monitors, Inc., Tom Fox visits with AMI Managing Director Rod Grandon. Along the way, they consider the responsibility of federal contractors to maintain their status as “Responsible Contractors” and explore the benefits of having an effective compliance and business ethics program not only to increase business efficiencies and profitability but prepare you in good stead if the regulators come knocking.

Day 1:

In this first episode, we introduce the concept of Responsible Contractors.

Day 2:

In this Episode 2, Grandon and Fox engage in more in-depth discussion what the government expects from contractors. The concept of the Responsible Contractor focuses on integrity and honesty. It goes beyond the notion of responsibility in all forms of interactions with the government and actions by the company in their commercial operations. 

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Vin DiCianni is presenting a program at the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce: April 16 in NYC

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Vin DiCianni is presenting a breakfast program at the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce on April 16 in New York City.  Affiliated Monitors works with many multinational companies in helping them strengthen their Ethics and Compliance Program. In addition, AMI has gained valuable experience on Ethics and Compliance Programs in the Anti-corruption space through our work as an independent monitor.  The program at the Spain-U.S. Chamber will focus on:

Trends in Compliance from Multinationals.”  Some of the topics DiCianni will address include:

Compliance and Ethics programs and cultures are increasingly becoming a focus of investigators and prosecutors when looking at corruption, fraud, white collar and other behaviors. Strong Ethics and Compliance Programs and cultures are achievable with focus on the key areas of education, detection and internal remediation of corporate behaviors.
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Eric Feldman to Discuss Culture at SCCE Scottsdale Regional Compliance and Ethics Conference – April 12

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Eric Feldman will be presenting at this year’s Regional Compliance & Ethics conference in Scottsdale, AZ in a session titled “It’s all about the Culture: Lessons Learned from the Case Files of an Independent Monitor”.

His remarks will:

Explore the importance of corporate ethical culture to employee behavior and the overall effectiveness of your Compliance and Ethics Program Identify the warning signs of a weak ethical culture and ways to strengthen it Learn the most effective ways of measuring corporate culture through case studies of companies monitored under government settlement agreements.

SCCE Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference offers convenient opportunities for compliance and ethics training, updates on the latest news in regulatory requirements and enforcement, and strategies to develop effective compliance programs.

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Tim Shannon will be attending HCCA’s 23rd Annual Compliance Institute in Boston: April 7–10

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Tim Shannon will be attending HCCA’s 23rd Annual Compliance Institute in Boston for the single most comprehensive healthcare compliance conference. The program is designed for compliance professionals from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, including compliance officers, billing and coding professionals, auditors, nurses, risk managers, ethics officers, privacy officers, health information professionals. Healthcare Reform, Hospital Physician Alignment, Compliance Effectiveness, and HIPAA Privacy/Data Breach are all adding complexity to the challenges facing compliance professionals.

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