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Pocket MBA is a hallmark program for attorneys whose careers have brought them into representing clients in the financial industry, but their background training lacked accounting principles and financial concepts. This program is designed to improve your understanding of business strategies, accounting fundamentals and vocabulary used by management, investors, auditors and bankers.

Hear directly from an experienced and diverse group of professionals from elite accounting firms and law firms, private equity investors, bankers, consultants and academics. Practical advice and application of information to actual situations and financial reports will provide participants with opportunities to immediately implement growth and broaden capabilities.

This program will also address the ethical issues that attorneys face when dealing in the business world. The panel will discuss the rules of ethics for discovery, privileged communication, and disclosure obligation. It will also take a deep look at the ethical issues that arise in litigation funding.

What You Will Learn

  • Practical corporate finance concepts — financial ratios and analysis
  • How businesses generate, deploy and manage capital
  • Key factors shaping financial reporting
  • Foundational finance, accounting and economics terminology and principles
  • How to “navigate” and understand the basic financial statements
  • The use of valuations and evaluating the financial health of an entity
  • Fraud, corruption and regulatory risks
  • Case Study: “Accounting Fundamentals and Financial Statements in Practices”