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Compliance and Coronavirus: Rod Grandon on Government Contractors — A podcast episode with Tom Fox

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This week, Tom Fox introduces the newest addition to the Compliance Podcast Network, Compliance and Coronavirus. This week he visits with three Managing Directors from Affiliated Monitors about issues they are seeing around Covid-19 and the economy reopening, each from their professional perspective. In this episode, Rod Grandon discusses issues around government contracting, government contractors and businesses which received PPP funding.

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Crisis & Compliance In the Federal Marketplace: AMI to host webinar — May 5 @ 12pm ET

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Crisis and Compliance in the Federal Marketplace:

Maintaining Effective Ethics and Compliance Oversight, Controls, and Culture in the Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic Disruption

The disruption brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic has ensured that the government contracting sector and organizations working on federally funded projects are no longer conducting business as usual. From an ethics and compliance perspective, organizations large and small, profit and not-for-profit, need to maintain a robust ethics and compliance program, but now it is within a starkly different environment. Government contractors, grant recipients, and others working on federally funded programs must understand and respond to changing compliance risks to maintain the adequacy and effectiveness of their policies and procedures.

In this webinar our panelists will discuss current challenges and practical responses to help organizations maintain the effectiveness of their ethics and compliance programs in the current crisis.

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Rod Grandon will join a panel discussion on Ethics & Compliance in Mergers & Acquisitions on Nov. 6 — McLean, VA

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Renewed Focus on Ethics and Compliance Issues in
Government Contractor Mergers & Acquisition?


The DOJ’s April 2019 guidance on Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs will be the topic of conversation by a great panel of in-house, firm counsel, and a former SDO. Viewpoints on how ethics & compliance issues should be diligenced and considered in M&A transactions, and how the updated guidance impacts post-merger integration efforts will be addressed.


Gerry Amann, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Accenture Federal Services


Rod Grandon, Managing Director, Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (former Air Force, Deputy GC and SDO) David Truong , COO and General Counsel, Planned Systems International Preston Pugh, Member, Miller & Chevalier
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5-Part FCPA Podcast Series: Federal Contractor Responsibility for Ethics & Compliance

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In this special five-part podcast series, sponsored by Affiliated Monitors, Inc., Tom Fox visits with AMI Managing Director Rod Grandon. Along the way, they consider the responsibility of federal contractors to maintain their status as “Responsible Contractors” and explore the benefits of having an effective compliance and business ethics program not only to increase business efficiencies and profitability but prepare you in good stead if the regulators come knocking.

Day 1:

In this first episode, we introduce the concept of Responsible Contractors.

Day 2:

In this Episode 2, Grandon and Fox engage in more in-depth discussion what the government expects from contractors. The concept of the Responsible Contractor focuses on integrity and honesty. It goes beyond the notion of responsibility in all forms of interactions with the government and actions by the company in their commercial operations. 

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Rod Grandon leading webinar on updates and current trends in suspension & debarment — Jan. 11, 2019

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Recent court decisions and trends in suspension and debarment practice are the focus of this important program led by the Co-Chairs of the ABA Debarment & Suspension Committee. Don’t get left behind–learn how to navigate this shifting landscape from the experts!

This program provides a thorough examination of suspension and debarment, the powerful administrative tools that prevent companies and individuals deemed “not presently responsible” from doing business with the federal government. Take this course to gain an understanding of both the legal and regulatory landscape as well as practical tips for navigating a suspension and debarment action. The presentation will be led by Rodney Grandon and Mike Wagner, attorneys who have routinely handled suspension and debarment actions and who serve as Co-Chairs of the ABA Debarment & Suspension Committee.

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Rod Grandon is attending the 2018 Government Contracts Review & Outlook Conference — Nov. 8-9 in San Diego

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This unique conference brings together high-level practitioners and government contracting professionals to discuss what’s happening in the industry and its impact on 2019.

Get an accelerated review and analysis of new developments in federal government contracting, from pending legislation and trends to how to prepare for the future. Connect with the top minds in the industry at a program designed for all public and private sector employees, including supply, service, and construction contract professionals.

Comprehensive Coverage on Timely but Timeless Topics Plus New Discussions and/or Panels on Hot Topics:

Legislative and regulatory developments Export controls, FCPA, international trade issues Contract formation, negotiation and protest developments What’s new with the Contract Disputes Act (top 10 cases over the past year) Cybersecurity in the age of DFARS 252.204-7012
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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Podcast Assessing Ethics & Compliance in Mergers & Acquisitions — Full 5-Part Series

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Day 1: In part 1 of this 5-part series on mergers and acquisitions, Eric Feldman and Tom Fox discuss the why’s, what’s and how’s of an independent assessment of a target. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

Day 2: Don Stern discuss the impact that M&A has on both the acquired entity and the acquirer. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

Day 3: In this 5-part series, Tom Fox, Eric Feldman, and Don Stern, and Rod Grandon explore how to go about assessing ethics and compliance in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) context. In this third episode Fox visits with Feldman about planning out a post-acquisition merger strategy. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

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Part IV of Podcast Series: Assessing Ethics & Compliance in Mergers & Acquisitions — FCPA Compliance & Ethics Podcast featuring Rod Grandon

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In this 5-part series, Tom Fox, Eric Feldman, and Don Stern, and Rod Grandon explore how to go about assessing ethics and compliance in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) context. In this fourth episode Fox and Grandon discuss the types of things a monitor would review to determine if a company adequately considered ethics and compliance during the M&A process. Listen below, or on the FCPA Compliance Report.

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