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Recent court decisions and trends in suspension and debarment practice are the focus of this important program led by the Co-Chairs of the ABA Debarment & Suspension Committee. Don’t get left behind–learn how to navigate this shifting landscape from the experts!

This program provides a thorough examination of suspension and debarment, the powerful administrative tools that prevent companies and individuals deemed “not presently responsible” from doing business with the federal government. Take this course to gain an understanding of both the legal and regulatory landscape as well as practical tips for navigating a suspension and debarment action. The presentation will be led by Rodney Grandon and Mike Wagner, attorneys who have routinely handled suspension and debarment actions and who serve as Co-Chairs of the ABA Debarment & Suspension Committee.

Join our expert panelists as they:

  • Analyze the legal and regulatory underpinnings of the government’s suspension and debarment authority
  • Discuss the potentially significant collateral consequences of suspension and debarment actions
  • Address recent trends in suspension and debarment practice

The panel will also examine recent court decisions in the suspension and debarment area and the implications of these decisions for the practice of suspension and debarment going forward.

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