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Vin DiCianni is presenting a breakfast program at the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce on April 16 in New York City.  Affiliated Monitors works with many multinational companies in helping them strengthen their Ethics and Compliance Program. In addition, AMI has gained valuable experience on Ethics and Compliance Programs in the Anti-corruption space through our work as an independent monitor.  The program at the Spain-U.S. Chamber will focus on:

Trends in Compliance from Multinationals.”  Some of the topics DiCianni will address include:

  • Compliance and Ethics programs and cultures are increasingly becoming a focus of investigators and prosecutors when looking at corruption, fraud, white collar and other behaviors.
  • Strong Ethics and Compliance Programs and cultures are achievable with focus on the key areas of education, detection and internal remediation of corporate behaviors.
  • While it can be difficult for a company to assess how effective their own programs are, some companies engage independent third-party experts to assess a program, bench mark it against others and make the program stronger.

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