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President & Founder

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Vincent L. DiCianni founded Affiliated Monitors, Inc. in 2004 and has served as the company president since its inception.  Affiliated Monitors has been the independent monitor in more than 500 matters under Mr. DiCianni’s leadership, working with an array of regulatory agencies, such as the FTC, FCC, DOT, DOJ, DOD, FHA, HHS and USAID.  Across the country, he has spread the word to prosecutors, defense attorneys, attorneys general and state licensing boards about the ability of third-party monitors to track compliance and promote accountability under the range of consent agreements (e.g., NPA’s, DPA’s and CIA’s).  Mr. DiCianni extolls the benefit of allowing companies and individuals to remain in business while . . . View Full Bio

News & Events

Scott Garland, Audrey Harris, and Vin DiCianni will attend the 38th National Institute on White Collar Crime in Miami – Mar. 01-03

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Since its establishment in 1987, the Institute has been attended by leading federal and state judges and prosecutors, law enforcement officials, defense attorneys, corporate in-house counsel, and members of the…
Jesse Caplan and Vin DiCianni Will Be Attending the 2022 NAAG Consumer Protection Spring Conference - Raleigh, NC -- May 24 - 26

Jesse Caplan and Vin DiCianni Will Be Attending NAAG’s 2022 Consumer Protection Spring Conference in Raleigh, NC — May 24–26

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The NAAG Consumer Protection Spring Conference will take place from May 24-26, 2022, in Raleigh, North Carolina. With the support of the NAAG Consumer Protection Committee, this conference will address…
Vin DiCianni, Reid schar, & Eugene soltes join panel discussion for federal criminal law committee meeting

Vin DiCianni joins panel discussion for Federal Criminal Law Committee meeting on compliance and monitorships — webinar replay

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On March 22, NWSBA's Federal Criminal Law Committee held their monthly panel discussion on Compliance and Monitorships, and discussed some novel quantitative research. AMI's Vin DiCianni joined the panel, in…