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In this ‘No Laughing Matter’ episode, Mikhail Reider-Gordon continues her exploration of those persons, entities and governments who have been damaged, some beyond repair, by Wirecard and the nuclear fallout from its scandal. Some of the topics include:

  • Braun’s Innsbruck Villa Geographically Desirable
  • Deadbeat Friends
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  • Schutz Auf Wiedersehen
  • Lucrative Consulting Contracts
  • von Erffa: Nothing Out of the Ordinary
  • Mildly Mediocre
  • EY: We’re All Victims Here
  • 2016 Documents Show What EY Really Knew
  • COVID Relief for Wirecard
  • Hessenthaler Shipped Back to Vienna
  • Schellenbacher Pleads Out
  • A Day in English Court
  • An Apology Wouldn’t Go Amiss