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Anti-Money Laundering 2020

Risks, Due Diligence and Compliance in an Evolving Legal World

Money laundering is a fast-growing problem for many different industries in today’s global economy. Money laundering scandals, both in the U.S. and abroad, have become staples of media reports. As new financial products and services continue to be developed, regulators around the globe have proposed or implemented regulations to prevent their misuse, including by requiring providers to implement robust compliance programs to prevent the misuse of the financial system by criminals and terrorists.

This program is designed for both in-house and outside counsel interested in gaining a practical understanding of AML, as well as for AML compliance professionals and consultants, and accounting and financial advisors.

Panel – 9:15AM PDT
“Hot” Issues in AML and Money Laundering: Cryptocurrencies and Cannabis

The cryptocurrency and cannabis industries continue to pose a fascinating mix of competing opportunities and risks – particularly from an AML perspective. Technological innovation, changing societal opinions and business opportunities can conflict with the need for transparency and daunting legal landscapes. Despite some skeptics, these industries appear to be here to stay. Navigating the money laundering risks can be particularly difficult.  The panel will discuss:

      • Recent enforcement actions involving cryptocurrency and cannabis
      • Managing the specific AML risks presented by both industries – from the perspective of financial institutions as well as industry participants
      • The current status of legislative reform as to cannabis and banking

Mikhail Reider-Gordon
Michele R. Korver
Sarah E. Paul
Justin A. Santarosa