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Dionne Lomax AHLA Panel Promotion

This program is a unique opportunity to learn the latest commercial developments, strategies and deal forecasts from noted experts. Gain insight into the business and legal issues involved in contemporary health care business transactions, including emerging care models, M&A trends, financing techniques, deal risk management strategies, post integration lessons, and much more.

AMI’s Dionne Lomax will be on a panel of experts discussing health care antitrust enforcement in 2021 and beyond.


Health Antitrust Enforcement and the New Administration—What It May Mean for Transaction Planning

April 14 — 1:30–2:30ET
Panelists: Asheley M. Fischer / Dionne C. Lomax / Christine L. White / John P. Wiegand

This session will explore the potential impact of the new Biden administration on antitrust enforcement of health care transactions, and how to plan for antitrust enforcement agency review of transactions. They will address:

  • Public statements by Biden administration officials on antitrust enforcement and the potential implications of those statements on transactions in the health care industry
  • The potential implications of the Vice President’s involvement in enforcement actions against health providers while Attorney General of the State of California
  • The challenged hospital merger transactions in the past year, including those in Philadelphia, PA and Memphis, TN, and the implications of those enforcement actions for transactions going forward
  • Planning for antitrust review of your transaction
  • Antitrust protocols for transaction planning, including clean teams