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SCCE’s annual Compliance & Ethics Institute is the primary educational and networking event for compliance professionals across all industries around the world. Each year they host more than 1,600 attendees from 40 countries.

Leading industry experts cover real world compliance issues, emerging trends, and practical applications. Learn about current hot topics such as global antitrust compliance, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions, artificial intelligence, and preventing harassment and discrimination.


AMI’s Jay Rosen will be leading a discussion group on Monday September 11th at 10am:

Secrets from In-House Ethics & Compliance Buyers: How to Keep the Gate and Your Sanity

  • Learn how to manage vendor relationships to maximize their value proposition and minimize persistent and time consuming sales pitches.
  • Vendors believe they can make a buyer’s life easier, but they must listen for “buying or non-buying” cues and modulate their contact proportionately.
  • While the compliance community has seen that tomorrow’s solutions for today’s E&C issues come from the vendor community, in-house buyers respond to authentic vendor relationships as they easily can separate sales-y bluster from those who really care.


On Tuesday the 17th, Rosen will moderate a panel discussion at 9:45am:

Communicating Compliance Creatively: A Panel Discussion

  • Join moderator, compliance podcaster and former screenwriter Jay Rosen as he crawls into the minds of three creative agencies that are reinventing how to communicate compliance, and why it matters.
  • Promote the power and value of a creative approach to leadership by equipping yourself with insights into the behavioral science behind how creative approaches affect culture, change behavior, and influence employee’s decisions.
  • Learn about the creative process behind making compliance messages that stick, why it’s the same strategy advertisers use, and how to understand and streamline the collaborative process so that you satisfy your stakeholders.

Learn more about the conference and register below.

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