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Conference Theme: New Technologies, Innovations and Collective Actions for Anti-Corruption and Compliance

In a very short period of the last ten years, smartphone technology and internet capabilities have brought a tectonic shift in how business is conducted. The advent of ‘big-data’, ‘parallel computing’, ‘artificial intelligence’, and ‘blockchain’, to name a few, have opened new chapters in the fields of disruptive business models, account keeping, verification processes, data generation, storage and protection, and decision-making processes. While the private sector is rapidly experimenting with new and emerging technologies, some of the public sectors (the governments) are also integrating new technologies as regulators and facilitators. Infinite possibilities are, however, constricted by cost and capacity challenges in many countries due to the enormous technological divide, within countries and between countries. The level of technological absorption in a society or country is crucial to the success of effective use of technologies for development and governance, including anti-corruption purposes.

The Regional Alumni conference presents an opportunity for IACA Alumni to explore the new facets of corruption and crime that the new technologies and innovations are creating as well as the use and potential of technologies in the prevention and compliance, detection, and correction of corruption in all forms. The participants will also explore how these emerging technologies are converging and joining forces against corruption and the possibilities of establishing anti-corruption collective action technologies.

The conference will cover the following anti-corruption, compliance, and collective action related themes:

  • anti-corruption and compliance regional issues and case studies
  • new technologies and innovations for anti-corruption and compliance
  • collective actions in the region and by IACA alumni

Mikhail Gordon from Affiliated Monitors, Inc., will be:

  1. presenting a talk on “Technology-Leveraged Open-Source Investigations;”
  2. a panelist on a Roundtable, “On the Crossroads of Technological Revolution: Exploring New Strategies to Fight Corruption;” and
  3. serving as a Moderator for a workshop, “Can We Develop Anti-Corruption Collective Technologies (ACT) – Learning from Case Studies.”

You can find more about IACA’s regional conference here: