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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog: Tom Fox previews a 5-part podcast series on working with monitors, featuring Don Stern

By 05/03/2018July 19th, 2020Archive, Donlad Stern Media

This week on the FCPA Compliance Report, Tom Fox has a five-part series on working with monitors, in which he visits with Don Stern of Affiliated Monitors Inc. who is the sponsor of the podcast series.

Over the podcast series they will consider:

Part I – Fears and Concerns in Working with Monitors
Part II – The Impact Monitors Can Have for an Organization
Part III – How Monitors Do Their Jobs
Part IV – Regulators Using Monitors
Part V – Attorneys Using Monitors

At the end of this series you will have a much broader appreciation on the benefits of an independent monitor, how monitors work and how the different types of monitorships can benefit a wide variety of businesses, transactions and business relationships.

Read the full blog post here:

Fears and Concerns in Going Forward