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Eric Feldman is facilitating an ACFE Virtual Meetup: Strengthening Your Anti-Fraud Culture During COVID-19 — May 22

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During the meetup, you will be able to share tips and advice with fellow fraud fighters. We’ll discuss your current anti-fraud culture and brainstorm ways to strengthen it in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Jason Zirkle, CFE, Training Director for the ACFE, will host the meetup on Zoom, and Eric Feldman, CFE, CIG, CCEP-I, Independent Integrity Monitor and ACFE Regent, will also be there to facilitate the conversation.

Participants will need to download Zoom and have reliable internet access.

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Mikhail Reider-Gordon will be a panelist at Anti-Money Laundering 2020 hosted by PLI via webcast — May 15

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Anti-Money Laundering 2020

Risks, Due Diligence and Compliance in an Evolving Legal World

Money laundering is a fast-growing problem for many different industries in today’s global economy. Money laundering scandals, both in the U.S. and abroad, have become staples of media reports. As new financial products and services continue to be developed, regulators around the globe have proposed or implemented regulations to prevent their misuse, including by requiring providers to implement robust compliance programs to prevent the misuse of the financial system by criminals and terrorists.

This program is designed for both in-house and outside counsel interested in gaining a practical understanding of AML, as well as for AML compliance professionals and consultants, and accounting and financial advisors.

Panel – 9:15AM PDT
“Hot” Issues in AML and Money Laundering: Cryptocurrencies and Cannabis

The cryptocurrency and cannabis industries continue to pose a fascinating mix of competing opportunities and risks – particularly from an AML perspective.

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Crisis & Compliance In the Federal Marketplace: AMI to host webinar — May 5 @ 12pm ET

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Crisis and Compliance in the Federal Marketplace:

Maintaining Effective Ethics and Compliance Oversight, Controls, and Culture in the Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic Disruption

The disruption brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic has ensured that the government contracting sector and organizations working on federally funded projects are no longer conducting business as usual. From an ethics and compliance perspective, organizations large and small, profit and not-for-profit, need to maintain a robust ethics and compliance program, but now it is within a starkly different environment. Government contractors, grant recipients, and others working on federally funded programs must understand and respond to changing compliance risks to maintain the adequacy and effectiveness of their policies and procedures.

In this webinar our panelists will discuss current challenges and practical responses to help organizations maintain the effectiveness of their ethics and compliance programs in the current crisis.

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HSR Essentials for Health Care Companies: An AHLA Podcast Conversation with AMI’s Dionne Lomax — April 30, 2020

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In this podcast, Dionne Lomax, Managing Director of Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Affiliated Monitors, Inc., and Bevin Newman, partner, Sheppard Mullin, discuss Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) issues in health care transactions. Specifically, the podcast dives into which transactions are reportable, how the filing process works, and how the procedures have changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. From AHLA’s Antitrust Practice Group.

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Mikhail Reider-Gordon will be speaking at PLI Webinar: Why the Latest #29Leaks Matters to Lawyers and Regulators — March 27

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The recent hack and leak known as the #29Leaks for the address of Formations House, located at 29 Harley Street in London, made public fifteen years’ worth of leaked documents showing that Formations House, an incorporation agent, formed over 400,000 companies, many of which have been used by fraudsters and individuals linked to organized crime.  Earlier leaks, such as the Panama Papers, have also disclosed that professionals such as formation agents, lawyers, and accountants have assisted criminals, kleptocrats, and others to hide their shady dealings from authorities around the world through the use of shell companies to conceal the true or “beneficial” owners of these entities.

In this presentation, Nicole S. Healy, a partner at Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley PC, and Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Managing Director of Global Affairs at Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

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Mr. Monitor's 5-part series on monitoring for M&A

Jay Rosen’s 5-part Blog Series on Corporate Compliance Insights: Monitoring in an M&A Context

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Jay Rosen discusses how to assess ethics and compliance in the context of  mergers and acquisitions (M&A), what to look for in an assessment and why you should consider engaging an independent third party. Part 1: The Whys, Whats and Hows of an Independent Assessment of a Target

“Many issues in the M&A context are driven by the acquired company and usually arise due to the acquiring entity not paying enough attention during the pre-acquisition phase . . . This issue is one of the reasons the (DOJ) has put such important stock in the pre-acquisition phase so that the company needs to perform compliance due diligence and a risk assessment, which will inform the entire process.”

READ HERE Part 2: Ethical Fit: What Impact Do M&As Have on Both Parties?
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Jesse Caplan to Attend MAHP’s 2019 Annual Conference in Boston — Nov. 22

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Health Care Policy:

Coverage, Cost Containment and Quality Improvement for Today and Beyond

For more than three decades, the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans (MAHP) has been the leading voice for health plans in Massachusetts. MAHP represents 17 health plans which provide health care coverage to nearly 3 million Massachusetts residents. MAHP’s mission is to promote high-quality, affordable and coordinated health care in Massachusetts through advocacy, education and health policy research. All MAHP members are dedicated to making health care affordable and improving the health of all citizens in the Commonwealth.

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