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Mikhail Reider-Gordon on Compliance During Business Reopening During Covid-19 — A podcast episode with Tom Fox

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In this episode, Tom Fox visits with Mikhail Reider-Gordon who is Managing Director of Institutional Ethics and Integrity at AMI. In this role, she oversees our corporate monitoring programs across a spectrum of industries. Tom and Mikhail discuss the compliance challenges in business reopenings (and perhaps closings) in the summer of 2020 and through the rest of the year.

Some of the highlights include:

What are some of the key issues in business reopenings during Covid-19? What will continue for compliance during the summer of 2020 and through the rest of the year? Why is oversight even more important during Covid-19?

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Don Stern on US Enforcement Agencies During the Time of Covid-19 — A podcast episode with Tom Fox

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In this episode of Compliance and Coronavirus, Tom Fox sits with Don Stern, who is Managing Director of Corporate Monitoring & Consulting Services. In this role, Stern oversees the company’s corporate monitoring programs across a spectrum of industries: corporate, healthcare, financial services, environmental and others. Stern is the former United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Tom and Don discuss how the enforcement agencies such as the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission and US Attorneys are responding to the pandemic and in particular any crimes, fraud and financial abuses arising out of the crisis.

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Jerry Coyne on Telemedicine and Compliance in the Age of Coronavirus — A podcast episode with Tom Fox

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Compliance and Coronavirus is the newest addition to the Compliance Podcast Network. In this episode, Tom Fox visits with Jerry Coyne who is Managing Director of State Monitoring Services at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI). At AMI, Mr. Coyne oversees monitoring agreements with corporations, healthcare entities and individuals. We discuss the rise of telemedicine during the Covid-19 health crisis and what it may mean for compliance.

Some of the highlights include:

What is telemedicine? Why has it risen so quickly during the Coronavirus health crisis? What are some of the compliance, data privacy and other challenges arising from the rise of telemedicine?
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Affiliated Monitors is proud to be a sponsor of the ECI Best Practice Forum: Q&A with the DOJ — July 30 @ 2PM EDT

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In recent days, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) has released new versions of two critical documents – the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, and A Resource Guide to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Affiliated Monitors is proud to be sponsoring this upcoming event alongside Navex Global.  Join us for a virtual discussion about these updates with DoJ’s newly appointed Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt.

“ECI is honored that Affiliated Monitors is sponsoring this important event,” said Patricia Harned, CEO of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI). “Not only is their support a clear demonstration of their commitment to advancing the E&C industry; it is an excellent example of the way Affiliated Monitors lives their core values of Integrity Through Compliance. 

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FCPA Podcast with Tom Fox: Mikhail Reider-Gordon on the Wirecard Accounting Fraud Scandal: Introduction

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In this episode, Tom Fox and Mikhail Reider-Gordon begin a multipart series on the Wirecard accounting fraud. Mikhail’s areas of expertise include technology, privacy, cybersecurity, IP and accountability in artificial intelligence; the global anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regimes; media & entertainment; biotech and the life sciences; the public sector and international law. She is accustomed to working on extremely sensitive and high-profile matters, both nationally and internationally.

Some of the highlights include:

How long was Wirecard been under scrutiny? What was the role of BaFin in this disaster? What does this mean for Germany Inc? Why didn’t the regulators step in? What about EY? Where are we headed in the Wirecard Fraud?

Listen below, or on the FCPA website:

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Mark Campbell looks at how California debt Issuers are performing: A three-part series on LinkedIn [Part 2]

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California Annual Debt Report Compliance Rates are LOWEST among Counties, Joint Powers Authorities (Marks-Roos Districts) and the State of California

by Mark Campbell

Published on July 17, 2020

In June, I posted comments on the low compliance rates among public agencies required to submit annual debt reports under California law. Senate Bill 1029 (Chapter 307, Statutes of 2016) requires public agencies that report the sale of debt to the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) after January 2017 to report to CDIAC on the debt until the principal is paid off and the proceeds fully expended.

I randomly sorted from all those agencies that had reported to CDIAC between April 4, 2017, the first submittals under the new law, and May 8, 2020, to assess compliance.

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Navigating the Risks of Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in the COVID-19 Era: AMI to host webinar — July 22 @ 12PM ET

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In this Webinar, our panelists will explore the medical, legal and compliance challenges faced by practitioners and healthcare organizations in prescribing opioids for chronic pain during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be looking at these challenges from three different perspectives – from a physician who is an expert in opioid prescribing standard of care; from a licensed clinical social worker who has designed and conducted hundreds of physician competency evaluations and training programs; and from an attorney who has represented healthcare organizations and healthcare regulatory agencies.

Jesse Caplan is an attorney and Managing Director of Corporate Oversight for Affiliated Monitors.  Jesse has served as the General Counsel of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, as a partner with Epstein, Becker and Green, a national health care law firm, and as Chief Legal Counsel for an HMO. 

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Vin DiCianni and Eric Feldman will be attending the ECI’s All-Virtual July Fellows Meeting — July 8-9

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ECI’s July Fellows Meeting Looking Forward: Anticipating the Future of E&C All-Virtual Event | July 8-9, 2020

ECI’s Fellows Meetings are exclusive gatherings of Fellows Members that happen twice per year. At Fellows meetings, you will have the opportunity to participate in high-level discussions, exclusive keynote presentations and hands-on breakout sessions that are all designed to help you achieve your goals as a senior-level E&C leader.

Fellows participants are a global group of high-level E&C Directors, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers, other C-Suite leaders and esteemed academics that are all familiar with the challenges you face as an E&C leader and eager to share their stories, strategies and challenges with others.

This year’s July Fellows Meeting will be an all-virtual event, hosted on the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

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Mark Campbell looks at how California debt Issuers are performing: A three-part series on LinkedIn [Part 1]

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California Public Agencies Are Failing To Meet Their Annual Reporting Obligations Under Senate Bill 1029 by Mark Campbell — Published on June 25, 2020

California public agencies report on their capital expenditures in a variety of ways, including reports to their governing board and to oversight committees. These expenditures are subject to the agency’s annual audit and, in theory, compliant with administrative and accounting procedures. But, in truth, none of these approaches provides a complete understanding of what was built and how much was paid for it, undermining taxpayer efforts to assess the cost-benefit ratio of public capital improvement programs. In 2016, California passed Senate Bill 1029 requiring public agencies to provide an annual update on the debt they had issued.

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AMI to Sponsor the AHLA Virtual Annual Meeting — June 29–July 1

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Every year, nearly 1,500 health law professionals join AHLA at its Annual Meeting to get the most current information and analysis on a myriad of legal issues facing the health care industry in thoughtful, practical solution-oriented sessions . This year is, of course, no different than any other in that regard.

The difference is, this year, we won’t be gathering together in-person to attend the programs as so many of us do each year. The unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 crisis makes an in-person meeting of this size untenable at this time, so AHLA has decided to convert the In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting to virtual programs.

View the full schedule.

We have included all the high-quality, practical breakout sessions you have come to expect – Keynote Speakers, the fast-paced overview of developments over the past year from the Year in Review, and coverage of all the TOPICS important to health law professionals.

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