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BOSTON, June 23, 2023 — Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI) announced today that Duc H. Nguyen has joined the company as Managing Director, Suspension, Debarment, and Corporate Responsibility, bringing his experience as the former Senior Debarring Official at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and former Vice Chair of the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee (ISDC). Prior to EPA, Duc was a Senior Attorney & Fraud Remedies Coordinator for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Procurement Fraud and Irregularities Coordinator at Headquarters, U.S. Army Material Command (HQAMC).

Vincent DiCianni, Affiliated Monitors’ President, commented that:

Since its inception in 2004, AMI has worked to build the trust of government agencies, companies, and the attorneys who represent them, by providing the highest quality independent monitoring and proactive compliance services. Similarly, Duc has a deep commitment to corporate responsibility and a well- balanced understanding of government’s needs and businesses’ obligations, and he is widely respected by government officials, defense attorneys, and businesses across the country. AMI’s staff recognize that he will be a tremendous asset to the company.

Duc will be based in Virginia, increasing AMI’s presence in the Washington, D.C. area, and will handle matters across the country and internationally. About his new role, Duc said:

I’m honored to join the AMI team where I will have the opportunity to work with a team of professionals who are widely respected experts in their fields. I’m excited to facilitate critical relationships between organizations and governments at all levels to foster the highest level of business integrity and corporate responsibility.

During my 35 years of public service, including 20 years on active duty as an Army logistician, JAG officer, and procurement lawyer, I gained a deep understanding of the critical roles industry and the private sector play in ensuring the national defense. A resilient and dynamic industrial base must operate with the highest principles of integrity and corporate responsibility. The public-private partnerships that keep our nation strong require trust, buy-in, and continuous engagement by all parties. At AMI, I intend to continue to build enduring relationships between Government and industry that are based on trust and integrity and strengthened through high performance and technical competence.

Beyond monitoring administrative agreements between entities and Federal agencies, I can help companies and public entities assess their compliance posture; the effectiveness of their programs, policies, and governance; and broader cultural or structural characteristics that may present unacceptable business or compliance risks. Compared to just fifteen years ago, the range of compliance risks that the Government considers in assessing business integrity is so much broader and spans multiple domains — including environmental, cybersecurity, and supply-chain vetting, just to name a few. A commitment to proactively identify and mitigate integrity risks is an essential indicator of corporate responsibility.

Duc is uniquely qualified to advance AMI’s core mission, having led one of the most active and jurisdictionally broad suspension and debarment programs in the U.S. Government; Duc is an internationally recognized expert in debarment and other administrative remedies. As Senior Debarring Official, Duc issued more than 1,000 discretionary notices of suspension or proposed debarment; 300 statutory debarments; and 130 decisions in contested suspension or debarment actions. He also negotiated and/or executed over 50 administrative agreements with companies, public entities, and individuals to resolve suspension and debarment actions. Duc has taken the lead on behalf of the U.S. Government on numerous actions involving large, multi-national and/or publicly listed companies. He is a frequent speaker on debarment and coordination of remedies and is active as Vice Chair and former Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Debarment and Suspension Committee. Duc is also a tireless advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and has years of experience leading and coordinating agency-wide programs to promote DEI-A.


Founded in 2004, Affiliated Monitors, Inc. was the first company in the United States to focus on providing top-quality, independent integrity monitoring and assessment services across a wide range of regulated industries and professions. What distinguishes AMI is that monitoring is our only business; it is not a sideline to some other professional practice or service.

AMI has been the corporate integrity monitor in more than 850 matters, involving large multi- national companies and individual practitioners. We tailor our processes to the size and scope of each engagement and make actionable recommendations that support immediate improvements. Our extensive experience informs our knowledge of best practices and allows us to streamline our oversight processes.

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