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Audrey L. Harris will be speaking at KPMG’s 2023 Annual Denver Perspectives Conference on November 21, 2023.

The Risk, Compliance & Ethics “Arena” – When the Goal is a Dynamic State of Continuous Improvement.

The saying goes “strive for perfect, and you may reach excellence” – – but the expectation of perfection in the risk, compliance and ethics space can have unintended consequences.  This session explores:

  • Whether pursuing dynamic continuous improvement, may require redefining what “comfortable” with your compliance program and control frameworks really means.
  • The premise that there are two types of ethical and compliance failures, and how understanding that compliance functions and framework roles/expectations, are different depending on the type of failure, is key to a company culture that promotes improvement, and mitigates unintended risks.
  • Practical tips and strategies the audience can use to improve company programs and cultures; and
  • Why curiosity, mental resilience, and the ability to be comfortable in discomfort, are the key weapons for any individual entering the risk, compliance and ethics “arena.”