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AMI’s Eric Feldman sat down with the other members of ACFE’s Board of Regents to discuss the importance of CFE’s in fostering corporate culture. This conversation appears in the September/October issue of FRAUD Magazine.

CFEs can trumpet the age-old “tone at the top” concept, but if top executives aren’t working to transform corporate cultures throughout organizations then fraud prevention and deterrence will continually run up against roadblocks. The members of the ACFE Board of Regents know this from their years of consulting with C-suite execs who want to tackle fraud but also have to wrestle with timid general counsels, fluctuating quarterly reports and concerned stakeholders.

The Board gathered at the beginning of the recent 30th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference to opine on the latest anti-fraud issues during a 90-minute Fraud Magazine interview. Here’s a fraction of their views on new corporate compliance guidance, placing CFEs in top management and on boards of directors, vetting unqualified investigators, growing anti-fraud cultures, ethics versus profits and more.