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In this Perpetual Motion Machine, Part 2 episode, Mikhail continues her exploration of those persons, entities and governments who have been damaged, some beyond repair, by Wirecard and the nuclear fallout from its scandal. Some of the highlights include:

  • Austrian Parliamentary Inquiries
  • Kickl says Wirecard has interesting connection to OVP
  • Kurz’s Horror
  • Donations Under the ACA’s nose
  • ORFG Links Them All
  • Firty paying protection money?
  • Russians assumed involved
  • PRM offers more than just hacks
  • A well-oiled cash cow
  • No personal enrichment, just political interference
  • Post-IC
  • Member size
  • Unaccounted for damages
  • A cornucopia for the FIU
  • Tipsy Boy Blunder Provides Advice to European Leader
  • Merkel offers dismissive wave
  • Cartu’s offer round two from Russia
  • Political repercussions roll across borders
  • Only little fish
  • Much more to be revealed

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