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Mikhail Reider-Gordon is back with another episode of The Wirecard Saga on the Compliance Podcast Network. In this episode, she takes a deep dive into gaps in compliance: not Wirecard‘s alone, but also in those entities which facilitated Wirecard or did business with them.

Topics covered:

  • IC Loses Confidence in Regulators
  • Stock Exchange Shrugs
  • FREP Head: Rules Don’t Apply To Me
  • HÜSt Shocked
  • BaFin Economical With the Truth
  • Feeble Efforts
  • von Knoop’s Social Life in Ruins
  • Weiss Sings Like Canary
  • Marsalek’s Confidence Trick
  • Austria Spies on German MPs
  • Schmidbauer Consults
  • Novomatic

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