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The Anti-Corruption Report Interviews AMI’s Eric Feldman (Part Two of Four)

By 08/16/2017 October 4th, 2018 Media

In the second of a four part series, the Anti-Corruption Report interviewed Eric Feldman to discuss measuring effective compliance programs. You can read the excerpt below:

Measuring Compliance: Seven Areas of Compliance to Measure (Part Two of Four)

There are myriad approaches a company can take to measuring compliance. Indeed, the choices might seem overwhelming. As discussed in the first article in this multi-part series, there is value in picking just a few metrics and getting started. This second article discusses seven common elements of a compliance program that companies can measure. Future articles in the series will discuss the importance of measuring a compliance program’s quality and techniques for doing so. See “Defining, Documenting and Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness” (Dec. 2, 2015).

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