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The Anti-Corruption Report Interviews AMI’s Eric Feldman (Part Four of Four)

By 09/25/2017September 17th, 2020Archive, Eric Feldman Media

In the fourth of a four part series, the Anti-Corruption Report interviewed Eric Feldman to discuss measuring effective compliance programs. You can read the excerpt below. Please note that this information is subscription protected by The Anti-Corruption Report.

Measuring Compliance: Gathering and Analyzing Data (Part Four of Four)

Knowing what data to collect about a compliance program is an obvious and necessary first step to measuring its effectiveness, but figuring out the logistics of data collection and analysis is just as important. In the first article in this four-part series we discussed how to begin generating compliance metrics. The second article laid out seven areas of compliance a company can measure and the third part discussed the challenges of measuring compliance program quality. This final article discusses how to gather and analyze data and use it to continually improve a compliance program. See “Developing Key Performance Indicators and Tracking Metrics Using ISO 37001 (Part One of Two)” (Nov. 9, 2016); Part Two (Nov. 23, 2016).