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Rodney Grandon, Affiliated Monitors, Inc.’s Managing Director, Government Services Recaps His Panel Discussion: The Times They Are a Changing: Recent Trends and Developments in Suspension & Debarment

By 10/06/2017July 20th, 2020Archive, Rod Grandon Media

Suspension & Debarment – One for All?

As suspension and debarment systems are considered or established around the world, it is worth considering whether there is value in having the systems “converge” in the same direction.

The United States long has had a robust federal suspension and debarment system, and has many lessons to offer other nations that are considering, or have recently instituted, systems that exclude contractors and others from public procurements. But are the lessons learned and best practices embraced by the United States appropriate for the rest of the world?

The colloquium explored potential best practices that may be worth pursuing, such as transparency to promote public confidence, procedural consistency, and outcome predictability, while at the same time recognizing that each nation must implement a system that is appropriate for its risks, circumstances, and needs.