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“Fraud Talk” – ACFE Podcasts by Eric Feldman

By 06/24/2014November 3rd, 2020Archive
Integrity Through Compliance
Integrity Through Compliance
"Fraud Talk" - ACFE Podcasts by Eric Feldman

Eric Feldman, Managing Director of Corporate Ethics and Compliance Programs at Affiliated Monitors – is also a faculty member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and teaches courses at many of their conferences and seminars, most recently at the 2014 Global Fraud Conference held in San Antonio in June.

Hear what Eric has to say in this interview about the importance of setting the right tone when building an ethical culture to prevent fraud: Tone at the Top” – an ACFE Podcast by Eric Feldman 

eric-feldman-150x225.jpgACFE maintains a library of podcasts and other media that is available on their website @ “Fraud Talk.”  You will find another of Eric’s podcasts, based on a course he teaches, entitled:  “When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies” – Feldman



To see where Eric gained his anti-fraud expertise, click here: Eric’s ACFE Faculty Bio