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Telehealth & Home Health Care (Replay)

Integrity Through Compliance
Integrity Through Compliance
Telehealth & Home Health Care (Replay)

Our debut episode gets a replay, featuring Vin DiCianni, President and Founder of Affiliated Monitors, Inc. and Gerald Coyne, Managing Director, State Monitoring Services, as they explain the future of telehealth and home healthcare during a pandemic and beyond.

Founded in 2004, Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (“AMI”) was the first company in the United States to focus on providing top-quality, independent integrity monitoring and assessment services across a wide range of regulated industries and professions. Monitoring and independent assessments are our only business.

“The Expansion of Telemedicine During COVID-19 and Prospects for its Continued Use” by Gerald Coyne in Health Law Weekly (July 31, 2020)

Read the episode transcript here.

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Music and Audio Production by Dan Barton

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