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The Past, Present, & Future of Compliance with Rod Rosenstein

Integrity Through Compliance
Integrity Through Compliance
The Past, Present, & Future of Compliance with Rod Rosenstein


Affiliated Monitors Managing Director Don Stern hosts an engaging conversation with the Former Deputy Attorney General, King & Spalding’s Rod Rosenstein, and Affiliated Monitors Managing Director Eric Feldman as they commence a two-part podcast on “The Past, Present and Future of Compliance and Independent Monitoring.”

In part one, the trio looks at compliance, with a particular focus on the DOJ guidance as it has been articulated over the past two years. The panel discusses where compliance is now, where it is headed, and what companies might do to prepare for the closer look that they might receive from increased DOJ scrutiny under the current administration. In two weeks, the panel will return for part two, where they will shift their attention to monitoring. As is our “Integrity Through Compliance” tradition, Rod and Eric will share their key takeaways on

1. Investing in compliance brings a positive return on investment
2. Compliance is about culture and not just the written rules
3. Compliance policies need to be reviewed on a regular basis

1. Compliance programs should be based on actual risks of your company
2. Take a strong look at how and whether the company is incentivizing the right kind of behavior.


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