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Dionne Lomax and Kelly Graf Take a Look at Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues for 2021 - promotional image for the podcast episode

Recorded before the recent Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack, Affiliated Monitors, Inc.’s Managing Director, Dionne Lomax, sat down with Dentons’ Kelly Graf to discuss Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues for 2021 and Beyond. Kelly shares with our listeners how mature their security programs need to be in light of ransomware, phishing, and a post-COVID-19 Work From Home data protection environment. Now that cybersecurity is in the news more than ever, this conversation couldn’t be more relevant.

They cover topics including:
• The multi-trillion dollar growth in this criminal industry over the last decade
• The importance of remote working standards and network segmentation
• Class action lawsuits regarding large scale data breaches
• Ongoing trends in FTC enforcement of COPPA
• The modern sophistication of phishing and social engineering attacks
• The perverse incentives created by, and the unintended consequences of, the growing cybersecurity insurance industry
• The creative ways that lawyers have used outdated privacy laws to bring data security lawsuits