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Jay Rosen Speaking at SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute 2018

By 09/11/2018November 3rd, 2020Archive, Jay Rosen Event, Jay Rosen Featured

Jay Rosen will represent AMI at the SCCE’s 2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute. He will be hosting an Advanced Discussion Group (AD11) called “Secrets from In-house Ethics & Compliance Buyers: How to Keep the Gate and Your Sanity.” The session will take place Tuesday, October 23, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are some highlights from his presentation!

  • Learn how to manage your vendor relationships to
    maximize their value proposition and minimize persistent
    and time consuming sales pitches.
  • Vendors believe they can make a buyer’s life easier, but
    they must listen for “buying or non-buying” cues and
    modulate their contact proportionately.
  •  While the compliance community has seen that
    tomorrow’s solutions for today E&C issues often come
    from the vendor community, in-house clients (buyers)
    respond to authentic vendor relationships as they can
    easily spot salesy bluster.