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Eric Feldman promo image for Baker Tilly webinar replay

Many recent cases of corporate fraud and ethical failure can be traced back to the unintended consequences of performance incentives based solely on financial metrics. Corporate bonuses, promotions and plum assignments are often driven by performance metrics that are not properly aligned with a company’s stated core values and ethics principles.

Listen to Eric Feldman’s on-demand webinar from the Baker Tilly Inaugural Fraud & Compliance Summit which explores the various ways that performance incentives can be used – or misused – and how better planning and alignment of incentives can create a strong corporate culture and help prevent ethical failure. Here, he discusses:

  • Ways that performance incentives are used as a tool to motivate employee behavior
  • Actual case studies on how “perverse” incentives can lead to unintended consequences
  • Methods to better align your organization’s core values with its performance management system to strengthen corporate culture and help prevent fraud

Listen below.