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Promotional image for Mikhail Reider-Gordon's Wirecard 12/2/20 podcast episode

Mikhail Reider-Gordon is back with a new episode on Tom Fox’s Compliance Podcast Network to take a deep dive into the many and varied discrepancies in all aspects of the Wirecard fraud and investigation.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Weekly news wrap-up on Wirecard;
  • Markus Braun Stonewalls and Disassociates; Is he really the victim here?
  • Why do Dork delusions abound?
  • Why is the Bundestag IC so peeved?
  • Bellenhaus to Sing Like a Canary?
  • Why is there such an Accumulation of Abnormalities?
  • Auditors Fined for Clenching in the Clutch;
  • Audit Reforms Proposed;
  • More on the German and EU-wide political fallout;
  • Bafin Backfooted; and
  • Ocap seeks an allowance because it believes it is owed money!