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In this podcast episode, Eric Feldman and Tom Fox discuss some reflections, observations and highlights from the Converge18 conference with recently concluded in Denver. Some of the highlights include:

–The conference focused on the action piece of what compliance professionals need to accomplish.

–A key theme which literally began on the first keynote on the first day, from Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Convercent was organizational justice. Feldman believes that this is not enough discussed at compliance conferences as it serves as a foundation for credibility of senior leadership in an organization and helps drive a strong ethical culture throughout a company.

–Another interesting concept discussed by Feldman and myself was brand reputation and brand protection, another key theme at the conference. General Counsel and legal departments are tasked with brand protection but in this case of hyper-social media, that strategy may well lead to loss of brand reputation. A compliance professional should work to enhance brand reputation and move your brand forward, not simply circle the wagons.