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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Podcast featuring Rod Grandon: 5-Part Series on Suspension & Debarment in Monitoring—Part I

By 06/05/2018July 19th, 2020Archive, Rod Grandon Media

The first in a five-part series on Suspension and Debarment, with Rodney A. Grandon. Over the next five podcasts I will be exploring several topics with Grandon including:

Part 1-Introduction to Suspension and Debarment;
Part 2-What is the difference between Suspension and Debarment?
Part 3-What is the convergence between Suspension & Debarment and the FCPA?
Part 4-What is a present responsibility determination?
Part 5-Remedies and Compliance in Suspension and Debarment.

The series begins with introduction to suspension and debarment.

Listen below or on the FCPA Compliance website.