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FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog on Suspension & Debarment, Part II — The convergence of suspension & debarment and compliance

By 06/05/2018July 19th, 2020Archive, Rod Grandon Media

To wrap up this two-part blog series, Tom Fox and Rod Grandon will consider the convergence of suspension and debarment and compliance. Fox concludes:

Suspension and debarment are usually only considered important for those doing business with the federal government. However, every compliance practitioner should have more than a passing knowledge of the parameters of these two sanctions. Moreover, many of the best practices around compliance programs came out of the defense industry in response to the requirements under present responsibility. Finally, companies doing business internationally and with the US government need to have special awareness as a FCPA violation unconnected to a US government contract can still lead to either suspension or debarment.

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