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Eric Feldman Speaking at the Los Angeles ACFE Meeting on October 27th

Corporate culture is increasingly viewed as a fundamental prerequisite for maintaining a strong, anti-fraud environment. The 2019 DOJ evaluation criteria and June 2020 updates provide a detailed road map for in-house compliance, ethics and anti-fraud practitioners to create the building blocks necessary to strengthen corporate culture, prevent and detect employee misconduct, and reduce an organizations exposure to the most severe fines and penalties. In this session you will:

  • Learn the importance of corporate culture in preventing fraud, and how to identify the red flags of a culture in crisis;
  • Identify how the COVID-19 Pandemic has presented challenges to corporate culture and impacted instances of fraud;
  • Examine how the DOJ guidance can help Compliance Officers and Anti-Fraud professionals focus their resources and energy on the highest impact anti-fraud program areas;
  • Discover how a well-designed and integrated Compliance, Ethics and Anti-Fraud program can help strengthen culture, reduce misconduct and contribute to more positive outcomes in enforcement actions