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Rules aren’t always enough. Your employees need to be committed to compliance, and your company culture has everything to do with it.

Recently, Eric Feldman was invited to join Tom Fox on his podcast Innovation in Compliance, to share Feldman’s expertise on mergers and acquisitions, especially on how to mitigate risk when merging with or acquiring companies with FCPA violations.

Here are some of the key topics they discussed:

  • After 32 years in government oversight and federal auditing, Eric decided to join Affiliated Monitors in 2011. Affiliated Monitors is an independent integrity monitoring service that helps companies reduce their risk of ethical failures by conducting comprehensive assessments of company ethics and integrity programs and measuring their impact on compliance, culture, and activities.
  • For companies to successfully integrate, the pre-acquisition assessment of the target company should have complied the baseline ethics and compliance of your own company. Any gaps between what the target company is doing and what your company has put into place are filled during the post-acquisition process. Tom and Eric dive deep into how the pre-acquisition phase sets the stage for the post-acquisition phase.
  • Eric discusses what he considers good pre-acquisition due diligence practices, and how he became involved in the proactive assessment space. He and Tom also talk about the nature of pre-acquisition due diligence, how it gauges the company’s compliance posture and its effect on organizational culture.

We hope you enjoy the conversation which you can listen to below or by following this link. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe to Tom’s show, Innovation in Compliance, to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry!