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In this episode of The Wirecard Saga podcast, Mikhail Reider-Gordon takes a deep dive into the government officials ensnared in the Wirecard scandal and how the German (and other countries) revolving door between the public and private sector lead to the corridors of corruption.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Austria Arrests Government Officials
  • Ass Aground
  • Extorting Porn Barons
  • Self-Regulation Shortcomings
  • Who Approved These Loans?!
  • Follow the Money
  • Bauer’s Autopsy
  • Less Convincing Answers for Banks
  • Deutsche Bank’s Naughty Boy
  • Chancellery’s Revolving Door
  • Housefrau Brokers Deal in PRC
  • Fritsche Multitasks in DE & AT
  • Moscow Nights with Marsalek and Sobotka
  • Brigadier Builds Contracts