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The Wirecard Saga is back for 2021. In this episode, Mikhail Reider-Gordon takes a deep dive into the government officials ensnared in the Wirecard scandal, Wirecard nexus to the MNC scandal and more dodgy deals. All this and much more in the Family Tree edition.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Short Sellers Strike Again
  • Wirecard Nexus to MNC Scandal
  • BR Shetty’s Empire Falls
  • Finablr Enables Dirty Deals
  • Muddy Waters Alleges EY Too Cozy
  • India & UAE Wirecard Execs Like Unimoni
  • Knoechelmann and Partners Share Everything
  • DPO, Acona, Wirecard and Apis Co-Mingle
  • DPO Goes Shopping
  • Network International Buys Into the Action
  • More Dodgy Deals In India
  • All Roads Lead to Singapore