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Promotional image for Mikhail Reider-Gordon's Wirecard podcast episode

Mikhail Reider-Gordon is back on the Compliance Podcast Network to give podcast listeners an update on the unfolding Wirecard fraud scandal. In this episode, she takes a deep dive into the conflicts of interest by German regulators who were investing in Wirecard while (allegedly) regulating it.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Current events;
  • Head of APAS invests in Wirecard and the Investigative Committee is Astonished;
  • What is a Conflict of Interest after all and does hindsight affords clear vision?
  • EY is certainly economical with the truth;
  • Germany’s two-tier system, drowning in risk pools and regulators don’t read;
  • Whistleblowers galore (but not enough for the 12 Days of Christmas);
  • BaFin-detecting crime is not our remit; and
  • What were all the missed opportunities.