The Senior Management & Boards Edition | Part Two Boards, Management and the Commercial Case for Compliance

Because some of the best conversations are between friends and colleagues over coffee, AMI is excited to launch its new Compliance Coffee Talk series, with The Senior Management & Boards edition. In Part One of this edition, AMI Managing Director, Bethany Hengsbach led an informal coffee talk discussion about “Legal, Compliance & The Board: New Roles and Expectations in a World of Expanding Stakeholders and Emerging Risks,” between two friends and compliance leaders who have been in the in-house compliance hot seats as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer:

  • Cari Robinson, former Revlon Inc. General Counsel; IBM Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Investigations and Cybersecurity; SDNY AUSA; and external counsel
  • Audrey Harris, former BHP Chief Compliance Officer (CCO); former Partner with Mayer Brown LLP and Kirkland & Ellis LLP; and current AMI Managing Director

In Part Two of this Edition, “Boards, Management and the Commercial Case for Compliance,” the panel discusses:

  • What is the Commercial Case for Compliance
  • How the Commercial Case can change the Board and Senior Management’s relationship with Compliance
  • How Compliance leaders can help their Senior Management and Board see around corners to get perspective on emerging risks, and
  • Advice for external counsel on delivering to General Counsels and CCOs in this new environment

Below please find contact information for our three panelists:

Audrey Harris:         

Bethany Hengsbach:

Cari Robinson:         



In this podcast series, members of the AMI Team talk practical compliance with in-house leaders and compliance practitioners.  Go beyond the jargon and learn from experience about what works, how to overcome common challenges, and grow value in your compliance programs.  Grab a cup of coffee and join us for AMI’s Compliance Coffee Talk.

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