The Senior Management & Boards Edition | Part One Legal, Compliance & The Board

In Part One of this Edition, “Legal, Compliance & The Board: New Roles and Expectations in a World of Expanding Stakeholders and Emerging Risks,” our three compliance leaders talk about this evolution of roles and expectations, including:

  • What is changing in the board room;
  • What practical risk management approaches and tools they’ve seen be effective with today’s boards – from partnering in a crisis to proactive reporting;
  • What advice they would give to those sitting in the in-house hot seats today;
  • How to prepare for what’s next; and
  • Perspectives on turning challenges into opportunities.

Below please find contact information for our three panelists:

Audrey Harris:         

Bethany Hengsbach:

Cari Robinson:         



In this podcast series, members of the AMI Team talk practical compliance with in-house leaders and compliance practitioners.  Go beyond the jargon and learn from experience about what works, how to overcome common challenges, and grow value in your compliance programs.  Grab a cup of coffee and join us for AMI’s Compliance Coffee Talk.