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June 17, 2020

All of us at Affiliated Monitors are struck by the unfairness and injustice in our law enforcement system that seems to occur too regularly, disproportionately impacting the Black community in our country. For too long we have refrained from publicly commenting to avoid appearing political or partisan.  Yet, as a company built on the principles of ethics, integrity and fairness for businesses and individuals, the time has come for us to speak up and be heard.  Our message is that such continued violence, injustice, and lack of empathy for the lives of those Black men and women who have been needlessly killed has to stop.  We do not believe that reinforcing the value that “Black Lives Matter” is political or partisan.  Since they were brought here against their will, the lives of people of color have mattered less than others, and sometimes not at all – that is a fact.

Affiliated Monitors is a small company that has been built on the foundation of inclusiveness, compassion, empathy, respect and a commitment to justice and fairness.  We support our team members who may be personally participating in the struggle to be heard, and in their grief and sometimes unspoken fear of being the next victim of acts of violence or other injustice based on the color of their skin.  We will work to make our community better, stronger, safer, and more just as one step in the right direction.  The time is now to put this American tragedy to an end and to move forward with the resolve to stop the violence, the injustice, and the hate that the Black community has faced for so long.