Sara Szwaja

Senior Data Analyst

Boston, MA


A Senior Data Analyst for Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI), Sara Szwaja queries large data sets, then analyzes results to determine whether clients are complying with the terms of settlement agreements. At AMI since 2018, Ms. Szwaja works with clients to understand their data systems and develops analyses that review system compliance with mandatory requirements. She has a strong quantitative background in data analysis, programming, and presentation. During her career she’s worked with data sets from a variety of different fields, including consumer and multi-level marketing, telecommunication, earth science, and defined benefit pension plan consulting. She is fluent in numerous programming languages for statistical computing and graphics, including R, SQL, and MATLAB.

Prior to joining the AMI staff in 2018, Ms. Szwaja worked as a Marketing Data Analyst at Virtual DBS in North Kingston, Rhode Island. During this time, she used B2B and B2C datasets to profile clients’ customers and develop predictive models to gain insight on marketing data and improve clients’ customer response and acquisition. She utilized relational databases containing hundreds of . . . View Full Bio

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