Welcome to Affiliated Monitors, Inc.’s RagingBull.com monitorship page.

On this page we will post information about the monitorship of RagingBull.com, and contact information for RagingBull.com.

Affiliated Monitors, Inc. was appointed the Monitor by the March 26, 2021 Order of Judge George L. Russell, III.
Read the order here.

RagingBull.com customers seeking a refund or seeking to cancel RagingBull.com services are instructed to contact RagingBull.com directly:

• Email: support@ragingbull.com
• Toll-free Phone: (800) 380-7072

However, RagingBull.com customers who also want to submit a copy of their refund request to the Monitor, or who want to communicate with the Monitor, can do so in one of two ways:

• via email at: RagingBullMonitor@AffiliatedMonitors.com
• via telephone at: 617-807-1161

Please include your name, daytime telephone number, email address, and all pertinent information so we can acknowledge receipt of your message.

RagingBull.com will be addressing customer refund requests and complaints during the first 60 days of the Monitorship, and the Monitor will be monitoring that process.  If you have not received a refund or a response from RagingBull.com by May 25, 2021, please contact the Monitor using one of the communication options above.

Thank you.