Lois Keithly

Consulting Data Analytics Expert

Boston, MA


Lois Keithly is a Consulting Data Analytics Expert for Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI). Since coming to AMI in 2015, Dr. Keithly has overseen the data analysis of educational, retail, and telecommunication initiatives. She has assumed responsibility for verification of quantitative outcomes described in reports, developed appropriate sampling plans, and coordinated data systems necessary for analysis. Her analytic plans form the basis for evaluation and verification services provided by AMI.

In the previous decade, Dr. Keithly distinguished herself as a local and national expert in tobacco cessation and prevention programs. She authored/co-authored ten papers published on the subject and presented the landmark work of Massachusetts’ public health teams to national audiences. In her role as Director of Surveillance and Evaluation for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), Dr. Keithly coordinated the collection of . . . View Full Bio