Ethics Training and Education Programs

Companies can reduce their risks and better protect themselves by strengthening their ethical culture, creating or improving their ethics and compliance activities, and demonstrating their due diligence to the government and their stakeholders by taking action before a crisis occurs.  Affiliated Monitors offers ethics/governance training programs covering a wide range of topics which impact organizational ethical culture.

Affiliated Monitors professionals share our years of knowledge and experience with corporate and non-profit Boards, executives, compliance practitioners, business managers and other staff about the ethical imperatives involved in integrating ethics and integrity into day to day business operations, and the importance of creating and executing corresponding controls, policies and procedures.

Because laws, regulations and the priorities of government regulators and law enforcement frequently change over time, Affiliated Monitors can provide businesses with periodic updates to keep their ethics and compliance programs current and responsive.  We are also able to oversee the continued effectiveness of the compliance program, and the strength of the organization’s ethical culture, as needed.