Ethics and Compliance Assessments

Compliance Assessments

In today’s complex regulatory environment, many companies and licensed professionals find it difficult to keep up with the laws that impact their businesses.  Often companies and individuals face sanctions by state or federal agencies for unintentional violations because they:

  • Did not know about or fully understand all of the statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Delegated responsibility to staff who did not understand the laws;
  • Created an environment which emphasized other business priorities over strong ethics and compliance; or
  • Lacked an organized program for ensuring compliance

Strengthening Compliance Controls

Affiliated Monitors’ team has conducted independent assessments of ethics and compliance programs at all stages of design and implementation. We review the sufficiency of a company’s policies, procedures and activities surrounding ethics and compliance, but also in many cases have conducted more in-depth analysis to determine whether the program is actually effective. This often includes visits to worksites; structured conversations and interviews with employees at multiple levels; and the use of surveys and other custom tools to gain an understanding of how well the program works, whether there are gaps, and determining how the program compares to similarly sized companies in the same or other industries. For healthcare practices, the assessment covers standards such as clinical record keeping, billing and coding for services, HIPAA record privacy and security requirements, infection control, radiological safety and patient solicitation practices.