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Mikhail Gordon

Mikhail Gordon joined AMI in 2019 as a Managing Director, Institutional Ethics & Integrity, and Chief Privacy Officer.

Ms. Gordon earned an MPhil at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, an LLM in Information Technology Law from the University of Edinburgh Law School, a law degree from Leeds Law School in England, and also holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science - International Relations.

In which of AMI's service areas have you worked? What are some of your most interesting cases?

I’m on AMI’s Corporate team and work across a range of industries and sectors.  This takes in defense contractors under suspension & debarment proceedings, IGOs, companies under monitorships for consumer protection and anti-trust matters, as well as multinationals and entities needing E&C assistance around ABC, AML, cybersecurity and privacy-related challenges. I am currently serving as Deputy Monitor on a high-profile joint Department of the Navy and DOJ matter involving a US Naval nuclear submarine contractor.

What aspect(s) of AMI's work are you personally most passionate about, and why?

I find monitoring US defense contractors, public agencies and matters involving IGOs to be most rewarding.  I say this because in helping these entities become responsible contractors, or meet their obligations under the law, we are helping to maintain or recover trust in how taxpayer and donor dollars are spent, as well as facilitating these agencies’ core remit to deliver quality services and products to their stakeholders.

In what ways does your personal expertise complement our services?

I have been in government; in-house in the private sector; and as an academic scholar I spend a good deal of time analyzing evolving trends in the law, technology, issues of ethics, and expectations around institutional behavior.   I understand the unique challenges and tensions both the public and private sides contend with. I’ve led teams of 100+ in 50+ countries; I’m not easily shocked or surprised.  30 years of experience and interdisciplinary thinking allows me to deliver value to clients through developing cost-effective programmatic solutions.

Based on your experiences, what would you like prospective clients to know about AMI?

AMI professionals genuinely care about helping clients improve their ethical cultures and attain best in class compliance programs. Whether we’re serving as monitor, or providing pro-active services, everyone in the firm truly wants to help our clients elevate their compliance programs.  We’re not looking for repeat clients, but many do come back and continue to seek our guidance even after the monitoring is officially over!

We’re not looking for repeat clients, but many do come back and continue to seek our guidance even after the monitoring is officially over.

Do you teach and/or conduct seminars, speak at conferences, or serve on boards?

Since 2015, I have been on faculty at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), where I teach graduate students. I have taught for law schools in the past as well, spoken at over 40 law conferences and trained nearly 100 law enforcement agencies around the globe. Currently, through the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI), I am a technical advisor and train Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) for the US State Department’s Transnational Anti-Money Laundering Assistance (TAMLA) Program. For over 15 years, I have been an officer and Council Member with the American Bar Association International Law Section and have held a number of other roles with the greater ABA. I expend a lot of time on beneficial ownership transparency and promoting accountability in the profession.

What interests do you have outside of work?

For the past three years, I have produced a podcast series, Lies, Spies & Corporate Crimes: The Wirecard Saga, exploring the Wirecard matter from a transnational corporate crime perspective. The podcast has been downloaded/listened to over 55,000 times. I also write and publish book chapters and articles on law and ethics topics.

Mikhail taking a break from her Wirecard Saga podcast.