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Don Stern

Don Stern joined AMI in June 2013 as Managing Director, Corporate Monitoring and Consulting Services

Mr. Stern received his undergraduate degree from Hobart College, and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center. After law school, Mr. Stern entered a fellowship in criminal and civil litigation from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and received an LLM.

In which of AMI's service areas have you worked? What are some of your most interesting cases?

At AMI, I have worked primarily in the corporate area, either as the Lead Monitor or one of the senior members of the team. For example, I served as Lead Monitor in the AT&T/DirecTV merger order for the FCC, in the Liberty Latin America settlement for the Department of Justice, in the Prime Health settlement for the RI Attorney General’s Office, and in the Verizon/TracFone merger order for the FCC. I have also been a senior member of the AMI team in many other matters, such as the Louis Berger matter for the Department of Justice and the Herbalife matter for the FTC. AMI has also served in a somewhat different capacity, administering claims. In this area, I have acted as the Claims Administrator in the federal class action settlement for Holyoke Soldiers Home as a result of Covid related deaths and illnesses in that facility, and in resolving student loan claims arising out criminal conduct by a former employee at Merrimack College.

What aspect(s) of AMI's work are you personally most passionate about, and why?

I enjoy working with companies as part of the effort to comply with government or other settlements. Sometimes this is very narrowly tailored to the particular settlement, with specific conditions/metrics, and sometimes the settlement is broader, requiring significant changes in the company’s approach to compliance and ethics. But, in either situation, AMI gets to work cooperatively with the company to provide an independent review and, where applicable, afford the government agency with a level of detail and confidence that the conditions of the resolution are being met. In almost all situations, I feel that AMI adds significant value to both the company and the government agency.

In what ways does your personal expertise complement our services?

I have spent most of my career, before joining AMI, either on the government side or representing companies that were under review/investigation by the government. So, I understand very well the perspectives of both sides. This has enabled me to appreciate what the government is looking for in requiring a monitor and the real-world challenges faced by companies in making changes and complying, whether those are cultural or budget challenges.

Since we work across many different industries, we bring a national, even international, perspective on best practices that provides a helpful dimension to our work.

Based on your experiences, what would you like prospective clients to know about AMI?

AMI has a top-notch group of professionals, with varied and complementary backgrounds. We all share a passion for doing this work efficiently, cooperatively, and professionally. And, since we work across many different industries, we bring a national, even international, perspective on best practices that provides a helpful dimension to our work.

Do you teach and/or conduct seminars, speak at conferences, or serve on boards?

In the past, I taught law school courses at Boston College Law School and Harvard Law School. Over the years, I have spoken at many conferences, more recently on compliance related subjects. I have also penned numerous opinion pieces for newspapers on criminal justice and public issues. As for boards, I have served on various company boards (although none right now) and non-profit boards. At present, I am on the board for YouthConnect, a part of the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, and the Council on Criminal Justice.

What interests do you have outside of work?

My main interest outside of work is my family. I have a number of grandchildren and being with them is a particular joy. I also play golf, hike, travel, read and see friends whenever I can.

Don and his wife, Erica, during travels to Southern California.