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Deann Conroy

Deann Conroy is a Compliance Solutions Manager at AMI, and joined the company in 2016.

Deann received her J.D. from the University of Denver.

In which of AMI's service areas have you worked? What are some of your most interesting cases?

My work is focused in AMI’s healthcare sector — both at the corporate healthcare and individual practitioner level. One case that stands out is a previous client who had to be monitored for three years in order to comply with the Board Order in his case. This client needed a lot of assistance to get to where he should be, and AMI and I happily made those efforts.

After those three years finished and the client was successful in getting off of probation and receiving a license to practice free and clear, the client called me. I thought it would be to thank me and he certainly did that . . . but the surprise was that he said that he learned so much, and had made so many positive changes to his practice that he did not want to stop monitoring! So on his own, he is still a client of AMI, and we continue to monitor and offer ideas for his practice. I am proud to say his practice has totally turned around and is extremely successful!

What aspect(s) of AMI's work are you personally most passionate about, and why?

I enjoy working on my own, and with AMI team members, to lead our clients into a successful outcome for their professional licenses and businesses.

In what ways does your personal expertise complement our services?

I have worked on both the government and private sides of healthcare and corporate healthcare. This allows me to understand the inner workings of government entities, so that I know what to have my clients accomplish in order to have a successful outcome.

Based on your experiences, what would you like prospective clients to know about AMI?

I was called as an expert witness in a hearing with an insurance company who was trying to ban my client from accepting patients with their insurance because of professional board intervention with the practitioner. I was able to show how much improvement the practitioner had made since following AMI guidelines, and was able to convince the insurance company to keep our client on the insurance list.

A previous client . . . learned so much, and had made so many positive changes to his practice that he did not want to stop monitoring! So on his own, he is still a client of AMI.

Do you teach and/or conduct seminars, speak at conferences, or serve on boards?

I have made presentations on the importance of compliance, and the guiding principles of ethics, and privacy laws to over 1,900 healthcare providers and administrators throughout the country.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I have enjoyed volunteering in a Kindergarten class twice a week at a low-income school. Seeing those little faces light up when they grasp a new concept is most rewarding!

Deann with her husband Scott. They have been married 31 years, and have two fabulous grown daughters.