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Cathy Cordy

Cathy Cordy joined AMI as a Consultant Compliance Analyst in 2016.

Ms. Cordy received her BS in Pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island and her BS in Business from Rhode Island College.

In which of AMI's service areas have you worked? What are some of your most interesting cases?

Healthcare, Pharmacy. The projects I have enjoyed the most are those that require a team approach. Working with the healthcare team, I was involved in a project where AMI served as the IRO in an agreement with the RI DOH for several hospitals. It required a team of staff members serving in various roles and coordinating activities to resolve compliance issues. It was an opportunity to work with AMI staff members with whom I had not previously worked; individuals from very different backgrounds and levels of experience and expertise. While I got to utilize my past experiences, it was an opportunity to learn and to really get to know my team members.

What aspect(s) of AMI's work are you personally most passionate about, and why?

For many years, my experience at the Board of Pharmacy was focused primarily on disciplinary actions – conducting investigations, formulating cases, taking actions on pharmacies for non-compliance. At AMI, I am working “on the other side of the fence.” Working with pharmacies, assisting them in moving towards full compliance, brings a deep feeling of satisfaction.

In what ways does your personal expertise complement our services?

I have worked in many aspects of the pharmacy arena – Public Health, Board administration, NABP accreditation programs, Medicaid Office of Program Integrity. So few pharmacists have had such varied experiences. I found my niche at AMI… I can bring whatever I have learned throughout my career to an organization that values and respects its contributors. Every member of the AMI staff has similar broad experiences and expertise and my specific contribution is to the area of pharmacy.

Based on your experiences, what would you like prospective clients to know about AMI?

Our clients need to know that although you may only have a connection with one team member, you also have the benefit of an entire team with extensive knowledge and expertise in compliance and ethics.

At AMI, I am working "on the other side of the fence." Working with pharmacies, assisting them in moving towards full compliance, brings a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Do you teach and/or conduct seminars, speak at conferences, or serve on boards?

During my tenure as Pharmacy Board Director, I taught the Pharmacy Law and Ethics class at URI, as adjunct faculty. I am a volunteer at Gumbo Limbo, a turtle rehab facility in Boca Raton. It is presently closed until a new veterinarian is hired… the turtles have been relocated to another facility. I look forward to the facility’s re-opening soon.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I love to dance and cook… not at the same time! I do golf, but I am sure my golf friends may disagree that I could be called a “golfer”, but I enjoy being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.

Cathy getting ready for an informal dinner while wearing a handmade apron from a good friend’s daughter!